Oh My God- is that a wall coming

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Neil Tanner . 8 Videos

Published at August 15, 2018 under Public licence.
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Rappid descent from Gresford down a dark tree lined road, which I was not familiar with. Subsequently, a 90 degree bend appeared in the dim light. With both disc brakes locking momentarily, i somehow got around the corner, but my wheels actually locked into the bottom of the wall, bit like a wall of death, although the video does not show it that well.

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Stephen Bowden
Stephen Bowden 3 years ago

Good job you had decent brakes. The joys of N. Wales riding.

Neil Tanner
Neil Tanner 3 years ago

Yes, that was my brown short moment on the way over to your place. Doesn’t come over as bad as it was, especially as the sound wasn’t on to capture my wheels locked up.

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