Frequently asked questions

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About Clubbie

What is Clubbie?

Clubbie is an amateur sports social network. You can come here to share videos of your proudest sporting moments, or to make your friends and teamates laugh at your slip-ups or marvel at your skills. You can even share your tips and tricks with the world at large if you so wish.

Is it just video sharing then?

Videos are great, but we have a litle more to us than that. On Clubbie you can connect with and chat to your friends and family, members of your sports club (if you have one) and fellow sports enthusiasts. We have lots more great stuff planned (that we think you as amateaur sports people will love), and we'll try to keep you, as members, informed of all the developments you've got to look forward to.

Who are Clubbie?

We're just a group of sports enthusiasts from the UK, who thought this would be a good idea. We'll let you decide if we're on to something here.

Sports stuff

Do you allow all sports?

Yes, as long as it's amateur. We want you to share your sporting moments, not those of the professionals you follow. Sports, activities, games - whatever you want to call them, if you love your pastime, share it with us and others here at Clubbie.

What happens if I play more than one sport?

We know that there a lots of people with multiple sporting interests, so we've made it easy to add multiple sports and clubs to your profile. Plus, you can tag your videos with several sports as well - just in case you fancy making a snow or water sports highlight reel at some point.

I can't find my sport, what should I do?

We've tried to add as many sports as possible to Clubbie right from the off. But if yours is missing from our list, drop us a message via the contact page, and we'll do our best to get it added asap.

Technical questions

There's a 15 minute limit for videos - why is that?

Clubbie is supposed to be all about your sporting highlights and memorable moments, as such we reckon that most videos will be a couple of minutes tops. We've gone to a full 15 just to make sure we match up with YouTube, and make it easy for people with YouTube accounts to quickly share their content on Clubbie as well. Got something longer that you can't bare to edit down? Then get in contact and let us know!

I'm getting an error message when I try to upload my video. Help!

Okay, we're here. Firstly check that your video is under 15 minutes long (or 1GB filesize). Next up, take a look at the file type. Is it an mp4? This is the format we primarily support and is what your phone camera will record, if you're trying to upload another type of video file, you could struggle, but as always we'll be happy to help you navigate any technical hiccups.

Also, if your uploading from a mobile and having problems, it could just be your mobile operator trying to save you from huge bills by restricting your data flow when you get near your contract limit. It might be worth trying again from a laptop or desktop computer when you get home.

I can register and log-in with Instagram, but you only mention Facebook and YouTube videos on the upload page. Can I not add my Instagram videos?

As with most things, where there's a will there's a way, and if you really need to get those vids up there, we'll be happy to assist. We're working on quick and easy Instagram integration for the near future, but until then we recommend YouTube and Facebook links as the easiest route to video posting success.