Surviving Formula One Withdrawal

Ever had those blues when a sport season ends? Or a World Cup you’ve been looking forward to, for what seems like an eternity? That feeling of emptiness, as though life’s only purpose was immersing one’s self in a televised theatre of sporting dreams. One die-hard Formula One fan has experienced it to such a degree, she considers herself an expert in the art of recovery and has written a book on the very subject. Surviving Formula One Withdrawal, by J S Eton, is an F1 nutter’s guide to managing the risk of an emotional lull in between campaigns, told through the lens of a conversation with the author and a curious, fictitious interviewer.


The interesting (and very deliberate) thing about Surviving Formula One Withdrawal is that the self-help techniques it advises are applicable to life, and even more importantly for us, are transferrable to any sport – whether you’re a fan or a player. How do you fill those depressing voids? When you carefully consider the amount of spare time you have in your life (please leave excuses at the door), you realise there is infinite opportunity to better yourself.


The book covers coping strategies, bucket lists, action lists, diets, exercise routines and goal-setting, amongst other nuggets. It is particularly relevant to the budding sports person on a quest to make it big in their field. The very best boxers maintain something close to their fight-weight during periods of inactivity. The greatest footballers tend to arrive for pre-season closer to their peak condition than their less-professional counterparts. Keeping a healthy mind and body is crucial to sustaining excellence and requires discipline. Discipline can be aided by the right tools.


Formula One fanatics should especially enjoy J S Eton’s journey, with its technical terminology woven into the tips that flow throughout the 60-odd pages. Sports fans of all kinds though, and athletes who are striving to be sharper, more focussed and attain higher levels of performance, should give some thought to the advice so that they can apply it to their off-seasons.


You can buy Formula One Withdrawal on Amazon. The author has also released an app called “One Life – Live” which is available in Apple and Android app stores. Building on some of the themes, it allows you to set “Inspired Action” goals that you can track, and to receive bundles of motivational quotes to keep you going through the darkest of days. 


Get in the fast lane.

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